Home Staging Questions

3 Mar

We received a great response to our live Q&A last week!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Here’s a recap of the great questions we received:

  • Q: is it THAT important to keep my fridge clear of pictures and personal notes when my home is on the market?
  • A: Its very important! U r selling a “like-new” product not a “used” home. They don’t want to see your photos/magnets they want to see your fridge!
  • Q: How can I make my dining room stand out for my open house?
  • A: Set the table! A beautiful table setting will draw the buyer n & paint the picture of what Sunday dinner will be like n their new house!
  • Q: What do you recommend for how the house “smells” as part of the staging?
  • A: Sweet smelling diffusers in the kitchen are a great way to paint a picture for the buyer think warm apple pie and vanilla bean. Address any strong smells (pet odors, last night’s dinner…) before showing.
  • Q: When it comes to color when staging a house is white always better?
  • A: White sometimes feels cold/uninviting. We recommend a warm neutral Sand Cove: Behr or Chocolate Froth: Behr are great neutrals that will welcome the buyer.

We will continue our live sessions once a month and can’t wait to hear what you come up with next.  In the meantime send any questions or comments my way amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com and be sure to visit our website for more pictures of homes staged by Sunflower Creations.

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