Green clean with everything AND the kitchen sink

16 Feb

If you’re like me and you’ve ever wondered what is in all of those cleaning products we so mindlessly wash down our drains and bring into our homes then this article is for you.  In recent months I have decided to be more conscious and try to make educated decisions with regard to the chemicals I will bring into my home.  The idea started just fine, how hard can it be to switch out my current products with natural, green, environmentally friendly ones?  Turns out not so easy.

My first issue with green products was finding it hard to believe that they would be able to keep my tub sparkling white like my old friend bleach.  Following a trip to the grocery store where I strolled down the cleaning aisle to find that not only are there plenty of green alternative products but that they are more expensive.  Doh!  That’s when I really started to educate myself.  Here we go…

The products we see in your average grocery store cleaning aisle are often manufactured by the same companies that bring us all those chemicals we want to stay away from.  For some reason I have a problem with that.  It’s not just about what happens when we get it home, I am concerned with what happens from start to finish.  If the company that is manufacturing bleach comes out with an “environmentally friendly” product as well, I have to wonder.  Not to mention the price tag for these so called “green” products.  YIKES.

What’s a girl to do?  Google it! of course.  After searching the internet for advice on green cleaning, safe products, natural home; you name it, I searched it.  I came up with some very interesting information, which I probably could have learned from my grandparents.  Most natural earth friendly cleaning products are located in our kitchen cabinets.  But, as we all know I’m a skeptic.  You’re telling me baking soda and vinegar is really going to get those yellow stains out of my white sink…hmmm.

Since I had the products I needed on hand (baking soda and white vinegar) I decided to do a little experiment.  Now to start I have to admit after pouring coffee, wine, dishes, you name it; my sink which used to be white is yellow pushing brown.  Eww.  I did the dishes as usual then sprinkled baking soda all over the basin of my sink.  I then poured the vinegar right on top and it started to bubble and fizz!  I was starting to like this.  I used just enough to create a paste-like substance before using a sponge to scrub around the sink.  I didn’t rinse right away though, I let it sit for about a half an hour.  When I finally did return to rinse my sink, no lie, it was whiter than I’ve ever seen it before!

You can find many recipes online for concoctions that will clean windows, scrub bathtubs and remove stains that are all natural.  I’ve turned a new leaf, I am a cleaning chef!  I feel good knowing that I am keeping my family safe from chemicals.  I am able to use the same spray bottles over and over so I’m not creating a lot of waste for the landfills.  But the most exciting part for me is the savings.  A lot of the ingredients for these natural cleaning products are found at the dollar store!  Going green has never felt so good.

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