Curb appeal for the winter blues

11 Jan

Let’s be honest the inside of your home is the main factor when trying to sell but all those inside upgrades mean nothing if you can’t get the buyer inside.  This can become even more difficult when listing in the winter months but no need to fret we’ll help you overcome the dreaded winter blues and get your home looking its best.

* Clean all the windows and make sure to avoid streaks.  For an all natural cleaning product visit ( Shaklee).

*Add a pop of color to the front door.  A nice painted door can draw attention to the house especially in the dark winter months and it will look great in pictures (get your home ready for the internet). Don’t forget about the garage, a fresh coat of paint to match the front door or a good scrubbing may be all it needs to look picture perfect.

*Update the fixtures on the front porch.  With the daylight hours shrinking during the winter months adequate lighting is a must for evening showings.

*Replace that dingy old welcome mat and make sure to keep the new one swept and clean.  Salt and snow can collect quickly; a good shake can keep it nice for showings.

*Clean, paint, or replace the mailbox.  If your mailbox is black and rusty hit it with a coat of primer and white spray paint for a new look at a used price!  If budget allows purchase a new one and remember to keep it plain and simple, no geese or paintings of flowers on the mailbox please.

*Make sure house numbers are clean and visible from the street.

*Use planters with winter greens or holly bushes for a pop of color and life to the front porch.  Line the stairs with potted greens or add two potted plants to either side of the front door.

*Place small lights in the windows at the front of the house.  These can be purchased inexpensively and add a nice inviting touch to the front of your home.

*Repair any cracks in the sidewalk and keep it clear of snow and ice.

*Keep trash and debris out of the yard.

*Do not go overboard with holiday decorations.  The potential buyers needs to see the house as it will look in its everyday condition.  Decorations can take attention away from the house.

Follow these steps and you should have buyers knocking at your freshly painted door in no time!

***INSIDER TIP*** Keep a few pictures of the exterior of the house from the summer months in a nice frame or small album in the entry way.  This will allow the buyers to see the landscaping and how the house looks all year round!

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