Snow is falling

22 Dec

The east coast was recently pounded with some seriously snowy weather.  While the snow is beautiful and fun for all there are some things to consider if your home is listed and you get a visit from the snow fairy.  Here are some tips to remember:

*Keep all stairs and walkways shoveled and salted

*Shovel and salt the sidewalk in front of your house (and the neighbors to the right and left if they aren’t willing to pitch in) trust me the work will pay off if you sell your house!

*If you have a driveway or parking spot make sure that is completely cleared and salted as well

*Keep a nice clean edge along the walkways

*Clean snow and ice off of railings and porches

*Clean off any furniture on the porch

*Place a nice winter tree or plant on your porch/stairs for a pop of color and life during the dead winter months

*Have a convenient place for visitors to place their wet shoes and coats (a rubber shoe bin with a small bench, a coat rack and a basket for hats and gloves is a great way to make them feel at home) keep a few dry towels in the entry way as well.

These tips will help your potential buyers see your home through the snow and keep it fresh during showings when the snow can be a potential hazard to your clean floors!

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