“Tis the season…

14 Dec

…to go Green”


With the green movement in full effect we thought it would be a good idea to share our tips on how to go green during the holidays.  If you’ve ever thought about changing your life for the better by living an eco conscious lifestyle there is no better time than the present.  To get you started we’ve put together a short list of ways to decorate and gift give with Mother Nature in mind.  We’re sure you will find these very easy and may even add going green to your new year’s resolution!



Oh Tannenbaum: If you prefer having a live tree in your home buy a tree that can be replanted in your backyard or try to buy from an organic farm and make sure to recycle the tree after the holiday to keep it out of the landfills (www.earth911.com for recycling centers).



Twinkle Twinkle: Still untangling those lights from last year?  Save yourself some time and purchase new LED lights.  LED lights last twice as long as traditional incandescent and use up to 33% less energy!  Wait: don’t throw those old strands away just yet, recycle them here and receive 15% off coupon for new LED lights (Recycle LED)



Let’s Decorate:  Use recycled ornaments, fruit, and greenery from your garden to decorate indoors and out.  Get creative, fill vases with cranberries and water or create a display using chestnuts and colorful fruit (added bonus: let everyone eat the fruit and there is nothing left to clean up). 


Give a green gift: Most wrapping paper will end up in a landfill after the holidays, why not use something that can be recycled?  Wrap gifts with decorative towels, reusable bags, or the comics section of the newspaper. 

***Amanda would love to answer your questions about going green and sustainable decorating/staging amanda@sunflowercreationsonline.com***

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