DIY Painted Curtains

26 Oct

mld104122_0908_curtainht4_lAre your window treatments dragging you down? Use this how-to-guide to create a custom look using materials you already own. Painting curtains is a fun project that is easy on the wallet and will no doubt be the focal point of any room.
To start gather all of your materials. You will need linen or cotton curtains, fabric paint, paint brushes in various sizes, and a stencil of your design.

  • Choosing your colors. If you want a bold look use white curtains with a black or chocolate brown design (or vise versa). For a more subdued look, but equally stunning, use two neutral tones such as tan and sage green. You may also choose to stay in the same color family, think different hues of blue. Make sure the colors you choose not only work together but also compliment the room they will hang in. Local art supply store near Roxborough for fabric paint.
  • Prepping the curtains. Remove any dust, stains, or wrinkles from the curtains. Find a nice flat surface to lay the curtain on for painting. TIP: tape the edges down so it won’t move around while you paint.
  • Pick your design. Check out this site for some great stencils. You want to choose a bold design that doesn’t have too many intricate details. Keep it simple. A fluer de lis or large diamond shapes are great design ideas for this project. When you have decided on a design print the stencil, cut it out, and tape or pin it to the curtain. TIP: to save time spray adhesive on the back of the stencil instead of taping or pinning.
  • Paint. Using a sponge or brush paint inside the stencil. Start with one coat and re apply if necessary. The paint will take a few hours to dry. TIP: use the paint lightly and gradually build up coats to avoid bleeding.

When the paint dries hang your master piece for all to see!

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