Getting your foyer buyer ready

13 Oct


When selling a home you want to capture the buyers immediate attention, hold on to their attention, and leave a lasting impression as they exit.  A great room to accomplish all of these things at once is in the foyer.  It is the first room the buyer sees when they enter and the last room they see when they exit.  Whether you have a breeze through or a grand foyer here are some things to consider when getting it buyer ready. 

Floors:  Worn out, outdated, or unclean flooring is an immediate turnoff to potential buyers.  If your floors are in good shape make sure to give them a deep cleaning before listing the home.  Tiles that are cracked damaged, or need new grout should be repaired.  Replacing a few tiles is a relatively easy task that can be taken care of by the home seller.  If it seems even the slightest bit worn or outdated go with your gut and replace it.

Walls:  Consider removing flashy wallpaper and drab colors from the walls.  A bright neutral color on the walls will welcome buyers into what they see as a cheerful clean home.  Choose colors carefully and don’t forget dark colors tend to make small spaces appear smaller. All cracks, holes, or damaged drywall/plaster needs to be addressed as well.

Furniture:  If there is limited space consider a small open console table with an organized spot (small basket) for mail and keys.  If space permits a bench or chair for removing shoes is a great option.  Umbrella holders and coat racks need to be cleared off as to not give the impression of a tight space. 

Closets:  Make sure closets are clean and organized.  Try to remove 3/4 of the articles in the closet to maximize the visual storage space.  Listen to my tips on getting closets buyer ready.

Lighting:  A well lit foyer is a welcoming foyer.  Update any old light fixtures.  If there is room for a console table add a small lamp and scented candle to add to the inviting tone.  Be sure to utilize all the natural light available by opening blinds and curtains. 

Details: A rug, a small mirror above the console table, and art will be the special details the potential buyer will remember.  Use candles, fresh flowers, or plants for an added touch. 

Make sure the foyer is easy to navigate through and appears as large and welcoming as possible. 

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